We know that this may not be in your plans, but we are here for you.

Complimentary Consultation

One of our trained client advocates will listen to you in a confidential consultation as you determine what pregnancy options are possibilities for you. In addition to the results of your pregnancy test, you will receive complete information about the options you want to learn more about. To request your confidential appointment online, visit our appointment page to get connected with our trained client advocates today. 

Convenient Ultrasound

After a positive pregnancy test result, the only way to be 100% sure you have a viable pregnancy (a pregnancy that will continue to the full term) is to have an ultrasound. We have ultrasound machines and a licensed sonographer, and we can schedule you for an appointment, often on the same day as your consultation. 

If you are considering abortion, we’re here to help you make an informed choice. Your first step is a pre-termination evaluation to determine how far along you are. An ultrasound can tell us how far your pregnancy is progressing. All of your information is kept confidential, and nothing will show up on your insurance. 

Decision Making

Along with the facts from your pregnancy test and ultrasound, we want to empower you to make the best decision for your life. Each pregnancy decision carries short-term and long-term implications, and most are complicated by specific circumstances. We respect your right to have complete information and will give you tools to meet your challenges. We will never judge you, profit from your choice, or pressure you into any decision.

We utilize evidence-based, practical, medically-recognized decision-making guides. These guides will help you identify your pros and cons based on what you value. We use your guide to provide decision support customized to your needs to put you back in control of your situation and life.

Material Assistance

If a woman chooses to carry her baby to term, Hope Pregnancy Center provides her with referrals to community resources, such as medical assistance, nutrition and breastfeeding consultations, material assistance, parenting/child care resources, housing assistance, adoption services, legal services, and transportation.  These services provide a network to assist a new mother and her family.

Hope Pregnancy Center also provides maternity items and baby necessities to women who decide to keep their baby.  Items, such as bath and bedding items, diapers, infant care items, mother toiletries, infant clothing, formula, bottles and feeding accessories and toys/books, can be obtained as mothers attend classes on parenting and child care.